Our mission is to provide an inclusive and accessible community space for individuals to engage in the sport of disc golf, promoting physical activity, social connection, and environmental stewardship. Through partnerships with local organizations and volunteers, we strive to maintain and enhance our park's amenities, preserve natural habitats, and support educational programs that highlight the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. 

A brief history

Each of the directors met through our love of disc golf and playing in a league together at Madison Park. We think the layout is great, but it could be one of the best courses in the County with a bit of improvement and upkeep. Unfortunately, there is no budget for improving the course, not even really budget for maintaining it. (See https://county.milwaukee.gov/EN/Board-of-Supervisors/Fair-Deal). So, we decided we needed to try and do something ourselves, and a Friend’s Group is the best way to be able to hold events and raise funds that all go directly (and only) to disc golf improvements.

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Where we are today

The Madison Park Disc Golf Friends Group was created in March, 2023 and we are excited to see what kind of a difference we can make for the park, the course, and the community. 

Madison Park Disc Golf 2022 UDisc Statistics

Rounds + Players

3,958 rounds scored on UDisc

810 UDisc players visited your course


Most active disc golfers

mfwafw: 109 rounds

pjkotr: 53 rounds

jkdiscerson: 51 rounds

timmywin19: 46 rounds

mattrittler: 42 rounds


4,744 hours were spent on your course with UDisc


That new new

439 players visited your course for the first time in 2022

27 disc golfers played their first UDisc round ever at your course in 2022

Traffic + Tourism

May 4 was the busiest day of the year with 68 rounds played

April was the busiest month with 609 rounds played

Main was your most played layout with 3,807 rounds played

122 players visited your course from over 50km/30+ miles away

61 players visited your course from over 250km/150+ miles away

36 players visited your course from over 500km/300+ miles away


Players from 23 states visited your course, including disc golfers from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Arizona, Iowa, Washington, California, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Virginia